Advinta Consulting


AdvintA ∞ Consulting is an independent law & consultancy firm, established to provide first-rate legal and financial solutions in Indonesia, tailored to the needs of our clients.

The combination of clear-cut legal and financial services, together with our straight and efficient approach, distinguishes us from our counterparts in the market place.   

  • In addition to our specialism, we offer related notary and accountancy services in cooperation with our trusted and certified partners.

Because of low overhead costs, we are able to present you with flexible and competitive fees. We focus on effective strategies and are dedicated to get the best results, solely representing the interest of our clients.

We acknowledge the complex and dynamic environment our clients live, work and do business in. The firm applies a hands-on and inventive attitude to meet your particular needs in specific situations. Our knowledge and experience is up to par with the regulatory adjustments and market developments in the fields of law and investment.


What We Do

Our legal expertise is acquired through a range of cases with a focus on civil law and dispute resolution.
Our principal areas of practice include:

  • Corporate law
  • Labor law & social security
  • Persons & family law
  • Commercial law & property

Our financial expertise is acquired through a variety of assignments with a focus on financial planning and investment advice.
Our primary fields of work include:

  • Company establishment & business liaison
  • Financial planning
  • Private investment consulting
  • Portfolio restructuring

Corporate and private clients who are faced with a legal dispute or a financial issue, can rely on AdvintA ∞ Consulting to operate successfully as their attorney and advisory through consultation, mediation and litigation.
Along with know-how and experience, our integrity and relations are the most valuable assets to ensure our clients' satisfaction. Open and fair, we stand firm behind our cause and beside our clients.


Market Introduction

Historically, the Indonesian legal system is closely related to the Dutch legal system. Until its independence, nearly every law that was passed by the Dutch parliament was introduced in the Indonesian archipelago, with minor adjustments if required.

When Indonesia became independent in 1945, Article II of the Transitory Provisions in the Constitution determined that all laws and legislation existing under the Dutch colonial administration automatically became the law and legislation of the Republic of Indonesia, until revoked or amended.

Along with Indonesia’s transition to democracy in 1998, the new government implemented a variety of policies to create, among others, a more constructive environment for domestic and foreign investment.

Nowadays, the government continues to push economic reforms, notably through the enactment of the 2007 Investment Law, which many see as a significant step forward in investment policy and in improving the business climate.

Given the continuous growth of Indonesia’s economy and the ongoing reform in legal and financial regulations, AdvintA ∞ Consulting caters to the demand of the market to protect and strengthen the legal and financial position of our clients.

  • Both business and private clients can rely on our integrity and expertise as their legal and financial advisor.

Our professional network and direct access to Indonesian (government) institutions and their relevant representatives gives our clients a key advantage in dealing with the local bureaucracy. The partners’ channels into government institutions enable us to cut through red-tape, liaison with the appropriate government officials and efficiently utilize the mazes in the system, meeting all legal necessities.