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The Partners

René Verhoef, DSI

After obtaining his bachelor's degree in International Economics in 1997, René Verhoef (BEc, DSI) started working in the heart of securities trading at the Amsterdam Option Exchange (NYSE Euronext).

He then expanded his knowledge and experience at several reputable financial institutions in The Netherlands and Indonesia including ABN-AMRO Bank, Interpolis and FPI, where he held various positions in the field of asset management, pension structuring, investment advice and legal compliance.

With the in-depth understanding of financial markets acquired there, together with obtaining his investment consulting certification, Mr. Verhoef started as an interim consultant in 2005 for the banking and insurance sector.

Operating as an independent professional under the name of M&A Finance, he successfully completed a dozen interim assignments and projects, among others at Rabobank, ABN-AMRO Bank and F&C Investments.

After joining forces with Patricia & Partners in AdvintA ∞ Consulting, René Verhoef is now responsible for all financial matters, specialized in investment consulting and financial planning.


  • Bachelor International Economics

    Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

  • Propaedeutic Certificate Marketing Management

    Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

  • Financial Supervision Act

    The Netherlands Institute for Banking, Insurance & Investment

  • Integrity & Investment Ethics DSI

    The Netherlands Institute for Banking, Insurance & Investment

  • Investment Consulting

    The Netherlands Institute for Banking, Insurance & Investment

  • Securities Trading

    The Netherlands Institute for Banking, Insurance & Investment


  • Dutch
  • English


Patricia Sri Ambarwati, S.H.

In addition to law school, Patricia Ambarwati (S1, S.H.) also studied public relations at the Interstudi School of Public Relations. After graduating in Civil Law at the University of Indonesia in 1995, she first started working at Citibank Indonesia.

Subsequently she became an Associate at Lontoh & Kailimang Lawfirm Jakarta. After obtaining her certification as a lawyer and attorney in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia, Ms. Ambarwati was officially registered as a member of PERADI, the Indonesian Lawyer Association.

Using her acquired knowledge and experience, gained through a range of legal cases, Patricia Ambarwati opened her own law firm Patricia & Partners in 2001.

Based in Jakarta, Patricia & Partners has handled and completed cases of over fifty different clients, both domestic and foreign, including cases for Jaya Beton Indonesia, Bank Istismarat Indonesia and Sumiden Serasi Wire Products.

As an attorney and counselor,Patricia Ambarwati has build up a wide range of experience in litigation and non-litigation cases, on behalf of corporate as well as private clients.   

After joining forces with M&A Finance in AdvintA ∞ Consulting, Ms. Ambarwati is now responsible for all legal cases, specialized in civil law and litigation.


  • Master Civil Law

    University of Indonesia, Indonesia

  • Bachelor Public Relations

    Interstudi School of Public Relations, Indonesia


  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • English