Advinta Consulting

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Business practice

In our business practice our work consists of a wide range of activities, mainly related to commercial transactions between business entities. We work for you in matters relating to contracts, agreements, procedures, liability, due diligence and the trade with Indonesia in general.
New business models and changing technologies affect the way that companies do business. In this context, it is apparent that various business operations and jurisdictions regularly overlap each other.
In our advice, we put emphasis on thinking, looking and planning ahead.

Our legal efforts include negotiation and amicable settlement of disputes before legal proceedings are commenced, using alternative dispute resolution such as mediation.
AdvintA ∞ Consulting uses a structured approach; we have an eye for detail, a good grasp of what a document is trying to achieve, an understanding of the Indonesian business world and we aim to identify how your activities fit into that setting. In doing so, we are not solely focused on the law, but we also strive to keep you informed about changes in government policy, the business community, and the Indonesian society as a whole.