Advinta Consulting

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Primary Sectors

The clients of our business practice can come from all kinds of fields.

However, we have experience and expertise primarily in the following sectors:

  • Banking & finance
  • Healthcare
  • Industry & trade
  • Non-profit

Banking & finance

Off and on, the financial sector has been the centre of attention. Especially since the start of the global financial crisis, society has demanded more transparency and control. Supervision is intensifying: the Central Banks and Finance Ministries are increasingly using their authority. New laws and regulations are being introduced not only in Indonesia but also at a global level. In this interaction of forces, the banks, corporations and individuals are searching for a new and durable balance.

The following legal issues, among others, play a role in the financial sector:
The interpretation of new legislation and regulations for suppliers and customers of financial products and services; drafting and updating documentation according to the new rules; meeting licensing requirements and the correct implementation of operational procedures. AdvintA ∞ Consulting follows the developments in legislation and compliance to give our clients the best advice about the legal and financial implications.


The healthcare sector in Indonesia is facing a significant number of changes. These changes concern not only the industry itself, but also the insurance sector and the legal framework. Changing laws and regulations form a challenge for all stakeholders.

AdvintA ∞ Consulting is following these changes closely. Law issues such as insurance coverage, general liability, liability of the treating physician and disputes between hospitals, insurers or patients often play a role in the care industry. Within this scope, we can represent the interests of healthcare institutions and supervisory boards, but also those of patients and client councils.

Industry & trade

In the industrial sector and the world of trade, market conditions change continuously. This creates unpredictable circumstances, but also plenty of opportunities.
AdvintA ∞ Consulting recognizes that the dynamics of the business world generates new forms of business transactions, leading to numerous legal issues.
We provide legal documentation services, among others in the field of contracts, permits, distribution, cross-border transactions and product liability, taking into account the applicable legislation and regulatory regimes.
Besides domestic clients, we also assist foreign companies who do business in Indonesia.

Our services stretch further then knowledge and interpretation of the Indonesian law; in addition we advice and inform clients on government procedures and common business practices in Indonesia. In doing so we look beyond what the Indonesian law dictates: we also address potential pitfalls and possible gaps to present the best solution or if necessary to propose an alternative strategy.


Legal issues for organizations operating in the non-profit sector, often have to do with the appropriate qualification and structure of the foundation or association. It is essential that the organization qualifies for (international) subsidies and (tax) exemptions in order to carry out its mission the best way possible without violating the applicable legislation.
Also changes in direction, the composition of the staff and the interaction between volunteers are factors which create an explicit need for safeguarding the organization’s integrity and compliance.

Non-profit applicants or recipients of government grants or contracts need to comply with specific reporting and accountability rules to avoid abuse of funds.
AdvintA ∞ Consulting can help you in identifying the requirements and implement the rules that are specific to your category. We also give legal assistance when there is uncertainty or disagreement within your organization or with third parties.  
For us it is most rewarding when at the end of the day we know that a charitable or social goal was advanced by our legal work.


Non-exhaustive client list


  • Bank Pelita
  • Bank Istismarat Indonesia


  • Sumiden Serasi Wire Products
  • Hutama Karya
  • Jaya Beton Indonesia
  • Hankook Ceramics Indonesia
  • Jaeil Indonesia


  • RS Siloam Gleneagles
  • RS Pantai Indah Kapuk
  • RS Jakarta


  • Museum Affandi


  • Interpolis


  • F&C Investments


  • Kasbank
  • Rabobank
  • ABN-AMRO Bank


  • TNO Pension Fund