Advinta Consulting

Fee Structure

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We inform our clients up front of how our fees are determined.

Legal fee structure

The fee for legal assistance is agreed upon by both parties, primarily determined by the following criteria:

  • The (legal) entity of the client.
  • The type of case.
  • The scale of the case(s) handled.
  • The location and jurisdiction of the case.

When employing our legal services, one or a combination of the following four payment methods may apply:

Contract fee (wholesale payment).

  • A one package deal, the modalities and terms of payment have been agreed upon, including the success fee if applicable.

Contingent Fee (portion payment).

  • A percentage of the result won for the client in a legal dispute. If not successful, only compensation for the operational costs will apply. This method is used when representing clients in legal proceedings (dispute resolution through court, prosecutor and police) and via mediation or arbitration in cases that meet the requirements.

Fixed fee (set payments).

  • When performing certain standard tasks and customary dealings, such as the drafting contracts, legalization of documents and filing of applications, fixed fees usually apply. This also applies for services performed within the scope of regular dealings and common affairs, where a legal warranty is obligatory.

Retainer (periodic payments).

  • In this system, the client pays a monthly fee based on the completed tasks and services provided. The amount and services are agreed upon in advance and applies mainly to consulting services.


Financial fee structure

As with our legal fee structure, we are transparent about our financial service fees.

The fee for financial planning and investment advice is determined by the following criteria:

  • The legal entity of the client (private or business).
  • The nature and scope of advice (financial planning and/or investment consulting).

In employing our financial services, (a combination of) the following costs will apply:

Hourly rate.

  • This is the method of payment for services that are limited to straight portfolio and investment advice. An hourly rate also applies to financial planning services.


  • This fee may apply when cooperating with an affiliate, or if the specific input of a third party is desired.  

Operational costs.

  • These costs are incurred if the authentication of deeds or legalization of documents is necessary. Usually these are limited to certain financial planning tasks, occasionally in combination with legal necessities.