Advinta Consulting

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Financial fee

As with our legal fee structure, we are transparent about our financial service fees.

The fee for financial planning and investment advice is determined by the following criteria:

  • The legal entity of the client (private or business).
  • The nature and scope of advice (financial planning and/or investment consulting).

In employing our financial services, (a combination of) the following costs will apply:

Hourly rate.

  • This is the method of payment for services that are limited to straight portfolio and investment advice. An hourly rate also applies to financial planning services.


  • This fee may apply when cooperating with an affiliate, or if the specific input of a third party is desired.  

Operational costs.

  • These costs are incurred if the authentication of deeds or legalization of documents is necessary. Usually these are limited to certain financial planning tasks, occasionally in combination with legal necessities.