Advinta Consulting

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Litigation is any lawsuit or other resort to the courts to determine a legal question or decide on a legal matter. Attorneys at law who argue disputed cases in court are referred to as litigators.
Attorneys are obligatory to litigate some matters, like in particular cases involving a government body. In nearly all cases, attorneys are simply the preferred option for those who choose not to represent themselves in court, especially in Indonesia.

Let alone private clients, even for corporate clients with a legal department it is ill-advised to independently make their way to the court. Litigation involves many complex legal issues, which require not only essential knowledge of the laws that presides over the dispute, but also the law governing the procedures to be followed in order to properly litigate a claim.
There are rules governing who may file a claim, where it must be filed, when it must be filed, and how to file it. AdvintA ∞ Consulting has that knowledge and power-of-attorney. We speak the legal language and know our way around court: how to deal with (apparent) contradictions in Indonesian law, to identify creative solutions in its legal system and how to interpret local customary (adat) laws.