Advinta Consulting

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Financial planning

In your business and throughout your personal life, many questions may occur regarding the development of your assets and financial position, in particular when you are faced with important legislative changes or unforeseen circumstances. AdvintA ∞ Consulting works especially for SME entrepreneurs and individuals who live, work or do business in Indonesa. Tailor-made service to our customers is our main priority.

In essence financial planning gives you insight in your financial status, allows you to anticipate financial developments and makes you aware of the financial implications of amendments in government legislation and changes in your own life. Our practice provides financial solutions in the following fields:

  • Business
  • Family
  • Mortgage
  • Pension
  • Savings

Make the most of your hard-earned money: changes in your situation and in your environment, can affect your income and capital position significantly. Financial planning gives you grip on your legal and financial matters. The major events in your life have an effect on your financial position. Think about marriage, housing, birth, (un)employment, business(transfers), divorce, relocation, retirement and inheritance.  

A solid financial future begins today with setting up a sound financial plan; a plan that follows your dynamics. We can assist you in getting a clear outlook on your present and future financial position, and advise you on making the right choices to reach your goals.