Advinta Consulting

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Investment consulting

Our approach to investment advice is similar to our vision of financial planning. Here too we distinguish ourselves in the market by our no-nonsense approach: our role is not that of the clichéd sparring partner in the ring, whereby the bank’s interest always prevails to the client's interests; instead, we stand beside you as your counselor in word and deed.  

  • We aim to minimize the costs and the tax payable on your investments, but will not stare us blind on inflexible zero percent constructions if the costs are higher then the benefits.
  • We strive for satisfactory returns through capital growth or investment income, but will not guarantee unrealistic profits.
  • We do not advice on structured investment products whose ultimate risk is not quantifiable.

The starting point is to assess your current situation. We then discuss your needs and identify the opportunities to accomplish them. Then we will work towards realizing your investment objectives. The client controls the investment account; we periodically monitor your portfolio and advice you on adjustments on which you can base your informed decisions.

AdvintA ∞ Consulting acts as an unbiased and independent investment adviser for small businesses and private investors. As we are not bound to any asset manager or private bank, our advice and support to our clients is impartial and balanced. Investing is a dynamic process, so we periodically evaluate your results, goals and expectations, depending on your investment horizon.

We believe that investors, already active on the stock exchange, should always be in control of their assets and objectives. If you are not satisfied with your current investment bank, broker or asset manager, in Indonesia or elsewhere, we can help you in comparing financial institutions, restructuring your portfolio and select the right party for you and your money.