Advinta Consulting

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Labor law & social security

As an employer or employee, you can never be fully aware of all the latest laws and regulations in the field of labor and social security. In Indonesia, there is constantly progress in both jurisdictions.
AdvintA ∞ Consulting follows these developments closely. We verify if agreements between employer and employee meet the legal requirements and provide solutions if there is a labor dispute.
Such an argument can be intense but we help you to steer through it safe and sound. We represent both employees and employers, having a good understanding of the interests on both sides.

There are many times in the relationship between employer and employee, that solid legal advice in the field of labor is of great importance. Whether the concern is about an employment contract, competition clause, change in working conditions, prolonged illness, resignation or severance pay. Through sound advice at the right moment, substantial difficulties can be avoided later on.

When an employment relationship ends, it is often useful or even necessary to settle on a severance pay or make a social insurance claim in order to get temporary income support. In any labor or social security case, you can put your interests safely in our hands.