Advinta Consulting

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Persons & family law

Regarding persons and family law, our expertise is sought mostly in divorce proceedings. There is much to arrange when a marriage has dissolved; who continues to live in the house, how are the assets distributed, what custody arrangement has to be made for the children and what about alimony claims? Just at times when the communication between husband and wife is often clouded, good arrangements are crucial; in the end they can affect your life after the divorce considerably. A divorce is a delicate issue. Having an experienced lawyer is essential in these cases, especially if it involves a mixed marriage with an Indonesian partner. Someone who is familiar with the latest developments and who knows how to find the right balance between the emotional and the financial side of the story.

If there is a possibility to come to an agreement with your spouse without conflicts, or if you choose for mediation, it is sufficient to appoint one lawyer to represent and assist both partners. In other situations you need your own legal representation, in which case AdvintA ∞ Consulting will fight solely for your interests without unnecessarily prolonging the proceedings.  In handling these sensitive cases, we have established a good name with our clients and a positive standing in civil and religious courts.

The scope of persons and family law is much broader than divorce cases alone. If issues arise related to marriage, adoption, inheritance or estate planning, you will also find the right partner and confidant in AdvintA ∞ Consulting. We distinguish ourselves by our commitment to our clients and by treating all involved parties with respect, but also by our vigor and practical approach.