Advinta Consulting

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Legal issues for organizations operating in the non-profit sector, often have to do with the appropriate qualification and structure of the foundation or association. It is essential that the organization qualifies for (international) subsidies and (tax) exemptions in order to carry out its mission the best way possible without violating the applicable legislation.
Also changes in direction, the composition of the staff and the interaction between volunteers are factors which create an explicit need for safeguarding the organization’s integrity and compliance.

Non-profit applicants or recipients of government grants or contracts need to comply with specific reporting and accountability rules to avoid abuse of funds.
AdvintA ∞ Consulting can help you in identifying the requirements and implement the rules that are specific to your category. We also give legal assistance when there is uncertainty or disagreement within your organization or with third parties.  
For us it is most rewarding when at the end of the day we know that a charitable or social goal was advanced by our legal work.