Advinta Consulting

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Practice Areas

The partners are trained in a broad general practice of law and finance, subsequently specialized in the areas of civil law and investments. This means we have a broader view than the area in which we operate in particular.

Our main areas of practice include:

  • Corporate law
  • Labor law & social security
  • Persons & family law
  • Commercial law & property
  • Financial planning
  • Investment consulting

Corporate law

You are an entrepreneur and you know what it takes to run your business. You are focused on success and want to prevent problems rather than search for the remedy. Undoubtedly, you will encounter many rules and legal hurdles that may be prohibitive in achieving your goals in Indonesia.
AdvintA ∞ Consulting has the expertise in corporate law to advise you timely and correctly, thus avoiding legal problems.

We realize that major business interests may be at stake. If in certain situations advice and assistance alone is not enough, we can start legal proceedings and guide you during the course of justice. We are also able to assist you in establishing a new company, advice you on the correct legal entity and assure compliance with local regulations.

Corporate law is as complex, as it is fascinating. In such conditions, we are pleased to help.
Maybe a client fails to comply with an agreement, maybe there is a shareholders' dispute; your business is expanding or, opposite, your business is threatened with bankruptcy.
AdvintA ∞ Consulting not only helps you when you are faced with legal problems; we are also there for you when your company is flourishing and we are eager to assist you in keeping it that way.

Labor law & social security

As an employer or employee, you can never be fully aware of all the latest laws and regulations in the field of labor and social security. In Indonesia, there is constantly progress in both jurisdictions.
AdvintA ∞ Consulting follows these developments closely. We verify if agreements between employer and employee meet the legal requirements and provide solutions if there is a labor dispute.
Such an argument can be intense but we help you to steer through it safe and sound. We represent both employees and employers, having a good understanding of the interests on both sides.

There are many times in the relationship between employer and employee, that solid legal advice in the field of labor is of great importance. Whether the concern is about an employment contract, competition clause, change in working conditions, prolonged illness, resignation or severance pay. Through sound advice at the right moment, substantial difficulties can be avoided later on.

When an employment relationship ends, it is often useful or even necessary to settle on a severance pay or make a social insurance claim in order to get temporary income support. In any labor or social security case, you can put your interests safely in our hands.

Persons & family law

Regarding persons and family law, our expertise is sought mostly in divorce proceedings. There is much to arrange when a marriage has dissolved; who continues to live in the house, how are the assets distributed, what custody arrangement has to be made for the children and what about alimony claims? Just at times when the communication between husband and wife is often clouded, good arrangements are crucial; in the end they can affect your life after the divorce considerably. A divorce is a delicate issue. Having an experienced lawyer is essential in these cases, especially if it involves a mixed marriage with an Indonesian partner. Someone who is familiar with the latest developments and who knows how to find the right balance between the emotional and the financial side of the story.

If there is a possibility to come to an agreement with your spouse without conflicts, or if you choose for mediation, it is sufficient to appoint one lawyer to represent and assist both partners. In other situations you need your own legal representation, in which case AdvintA ∞ Consulting will fight solely for your interests without unnecessarily prolonging the proceedings.  In handling these sensitive cases, we have established a good name with our clients and a positive standing in civil and religious courts.

The scope of persons and family law is much broader than divorce cases alone. If issues arise related to marriage, adoption, inheritance or estate planning, you will also find the right partner and confidant in AdvintA ∞ Consulting. We distinguish ourselves by our commitment to our clients and by treating all involved parties with respect, but also by our vigor and practical approach.

Commercial law & property

Commercial law deals with virtually all types of (business) transactions and trade in general. We give advice on property rights, contract terms and liability issues. Among others this includes legislation and regulation regarding the acquisition of properties, registration of ownership and the protection of your legal rights.

AdvintA ∞ Consulting adopts an approach that combines legal and practical experience, for Indonesian as well as international clients. We represent them in such cases like liability claims, breach of contract and payment disputes.
We strive to prevent legal disputes by assisting both businesses and individuals to secure property titles and commercial transactions and are dedicated to providing legal protection to our clients, by drafting and reviewing the relevant documents and agreements in order to ensure full compliance with all existing regulations in Indonesia.

Financial planning

In your business and throughout your personal life, many questions may occur regarding the development of your assets and financial position, in particular when you are faced with important legislative changes or unforeseen circumstances. AdvintA ∞ Consulting works especially for SME entrepreneurs and individuals who live, work or do business in Indonesa. Tailor-made service to our customers is our main priority.

In essence financial planning gives you insight in your financial status, allows you to anticipate financial developments and makes you aware of the financial implications of amendments in government legislation and changes in your own life. Our practice provides financial solutions in the following fields:

  • Business
  • Family
  • Mortgage
  • Pension
  • Savings

Make the most of your hard-earned money: changes in your situation and in your environment, can affect your income and capital position significantly. Financial planning gives you grip on your legal and financial matters. The major events in your life have an effect on your financial position. Think about marriage, housing, birth, (un)employment, business(transfers), divorce, relocation, retirement and inheritance.  

A solid financial future begins today with setting up a sound financial plan; a plan that follows your dynamics. We can assist you in getting a clear outlook on your present and future financial position, and advise you on making the right choices to reach your goals.

Investment consulting

Our approach to investment advice is similar to our vision of financial planning. Here too we distinguish ourselves in the market by our no-nonsense approach: our role is not that of the clichéd sparring partner in the ring, whereby the bank’s interest always prevails to the client's interests; instead, we stand beside you as your counselor in word and deed.  

  • We aim to minimize the costs and the tax payable on your investments, but will not stare us blind on inflexible zero percent constructions if the costs are higher then the benefits.
  • We strive for satisfactory returns through capital growth or investment income, but will not guarantee unrealistic profits.
  • We do not advice on structured investment products whose ultimate risk is not quantifiable.

The starting point is to assess your current situation. We then discuss your needs and identify the opportunities to accomplish them. Then we will work towards realizing your investment objectives. The client controls the investment account; we periodically monitor your portfolio and advice you on adjustments on which you can base your informed decisions.

AdvintA ∞ Consulting acts as an unbiased and independent investment adviser for small businesses and private investors. As we are not bound to any asset manager or private bank, our advice and support to our clients is impartial and balanced. Investing is a dynamic process, so we periodically evaluate your results, goals and expectations, depending on your investment horizon.

We believe that investors, already active on the stock exchange, should always be in control of their assets and objectives. If you are not satisfied with your current investment bank, broker or asset manager, in Indonesia or elsewhere, we can help you in comparing financial institutions, restructuring your portfolio and select the right party for you and your money.