Advinta Consulting

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Dutch entrepreneurs

Doing business in Indonesia? Through AdvintA ∞ Consulting you have access to our local network to support and advice you in company establishment, import & export or investment issues.

With the historical ties and the background of the partners in mind, AdvintA ∞ Consulting is well placed to service entrepreneurs and investors from The Netherlands who want to do business in Indonesia.
We can assist you not only with the applicable law, but also inform you about the local way of doing business and bring you into contact through trade fairs and associations with people that are valuable for your business. That way you can liaison swiftly with relevant producers, distributors and (government) agencies.

Although Indonesia’s economy is growing fast, the Netherlands do not yet have a Business Support Office (NBSO) in this vast country. AdvintA ∞ Consulting is a suitable alternative for (Dutch) SME companies wishing to exploit the opportunities in the fastest growing regions of the archipelago.

We are there for you when you want to profit from the opportunities that the Indonesian market has to offer, not only through legal and financial advice, but also in helping you with negotiations with local business partners. Furthermore, we can assist you with the application of permits, licenses, visa and funding.

Domestic and foreign SME’s are the engine for sustainable economic growth in a rapidly developing country like Indonesia which is rich in natural resources, has a low-cost labor force and a consumer market of over 250 million people.