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Female entrepreneurs

The term entrepreneur is used to describe individuals who turn ideas for products or services into a productive business. Over time, women are more and more involved in the business world and it has become a socially accepted phenomenon.

Due to emancipation movements and support groups, more opportunities came about to help those women who were interested in starting up their own businesses.
Despite these advances, female entrepreneurs still fall behind when compared to their male counterparts, especially in developing economies.

As awareness about the relation between women’s economic empowerment and economic growth increases, the Indonesian government has taken action to improve the business environment for women entrepreneurs.
Ensuring women’s access to the (formal) economy and to (micro) credit has important ripple effects such as health improvement, higher education rates and overall poverty reduction. With reference to Indonesia, the achievement of gender equality is still a work in progress: the 2013 Global Gender Gap Index ranks Indonesia 95th out of 136 countries.
This is a significant indicator that Indonesia still needs to work hard to develop Indonesian women’s economic potential.

In this perspective, the Indonesian government has recently focused on the promotion of female entrepreneurship, recognizing the great contribution of women-owned businesses to the national economy. In Indonesia, SME’s account for more than half of the GDP and more than 96% of the workforce; women own about 30% of them. On the one hand, the number of women’s owned SME’s is growing quickly at 8% annually; on the other hand, their growth is potentially hindered by specific challenges.

Access to credit is the main challenge for female entrepreneurs, because of prejudice, bureaucracy and high interest rates.
Because women-owned firms across the Asia-Pacific tend to be smaller, the perception of high rates is more common among women business owners.
In addition, part of our female client base cited loan application paperwork and procuring business licensing to be a main challenge.

The Indonesian government is working to support women entrepreneurs by expanding their access to financial services through an array of tools such as revolving funds, micro credit, and funding from private businesses.

We believe that the private sector also has a key role to play in promoting women’s participation in business.
In this context, AdvintA ∞ Consulting is proud to be able to contribute as a lawyer and adviser for business women and female professionals, by providing advice and support about business plan preparation, company establishment and funding application.  
Further, by introducing these clients to specific networking events and trade fairs, we aim to increase
opportunities for businesswomen to interact with potential clients and suppliers.

Whether you want to be more in control of your career, maintaining a balanced life or having a flexible work schedule, our legal and financial know-how is at your service to turn your passion into a lucrative business.